Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to waste your time (Mathematically of course!)

Dear All,

It's me again, your friendly neighborhood MathMan from a month long hiatus. Today on a lovely Tuesday morning as I sit down and do nothing, I decided to let you all know about my secret of, "How to waste your time" yes dear friends you heard it right and of course you read it here first!

They say that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" or as shown below:
Idle Mind
Wasting Time, what does it look like? Is it something which we can see below 

There are also other techniques which you can try for eg. Watching youtube videos, spend idle chats with friends whom you nevertheless meet on real life, trying to clean the house even though your wife has managed to keep the house in order at her level best, downloading countless movies your favorite TV shows and start watching them one after the other so that you can boast of all the stories and the spoilers to all your friends. For more help needed, you might wanna check Wasting Time the Wikihow way or alternatively 1000 ways to waste time. I would also recommend you watching a lovely Aziz Ansari video to get some ideas to waste time especially on the net.

Wait a minute, dont leave this page well not yet atleast! Now I am going to show you some of my time wasting techniques especially using our lovely dearest friend Math.
There are plenty of Math websites which help us to have fun with Math thus indulging in some lovely activities. Some of the more notable ones which I use with my kids are Math is Fun 
Lots of Math fun and activities using this terrific website Fun Mathematics 

Some other fun websites with lots of Math activities includes the wonderful Education World after all we love Math, dont we? 

At the end of all these activities, if you are still unclear or undefined like 
as how to waste your time then surely check this out:

Enough said and written dear friends so as my good man says here

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing this dear friends and as always I welcome each one of you for your comments and suggestions.

Till the next time, this is your MathMan signing off
Stay Blessed Everyone