Friday, December 27, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Math and more

Dear All,

First of all, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. Yes, I agree I have been not updating my blog for quite sometime now but as you would have all heard or seen that I have been mighty busy.
All Math and no play
Having said that, lets see what have we missed. Clearly many holidays have gone by such as Ramadan, Hanukkah, Diwali and now of course its that wonderful Christmas season. 

Who does not love holidays? I for one love them because firstly I have very few of them ha ha. So what do I do? Hmmm practically nothing besides eating, sleeping, watching my favorite TV flicks, spending time with my girl (she is 6 years now, catch them when they are young) besides the occasional Skype talk with my folks and of course the random tweet or Facebook update and if I am really in the mood, even some nice Google+ video uploads with my own outlooks about it.

For kids, Holidays can be fun but at the same time, I have always maintained my stance that Math is a very volatile subject and at the same time very slimy so my request 

Yes, I will be posting my regular quota of Math worksheets which can be done during the Holidays, but what about Pi Day does anyone know what that is? Maybe the illustration below can explain us better:

If you want to know more about Pi aka 
or want to have your own slice of PI
you might want to check this out: World of Pi
Some of the things you could be doing on a Pi Day: 
And lastly, while on Pi check out this neat video made by the wonderful Matt Parker aka @standupmaths for the @Numberphile channel.

Or even matter, if you have heard of a certain Danica McKellar, check this out:

Also brings back my most important question to you all, why are Math skills considered so important?

This link shows us why: Importance of Math Skills. While you go and figure that out, check these below links for some great Holiday Math activities and worksheets.

1. Holiday Math I via (that is a wonderful site)

2. Holiday Math II via Julia Leonard (@mathworksheetsl)
In addition to all this, if you want a healthy dose of Math worksheets to work on, learn more about this fascinating subject and learn all the advantages with some nice FREE help on her (yes I did mention in my earlier blogs that Math is a woman, don't you agree?) you might want to check StudyGeek, they are pretty awesome.

On that happy note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2014 via that superb (@spikedmath)

                                             Remember though that I will be pretty much (No Math there)
and yes before I sign out, my New Year Blog resolution I will be adding a new page in my blog titled Math Apps and me where I will be reviewing one Math iOS app per week for all you Math lovers using the iOSphere.

So long Cheerios, Adios Amigos, Asta La Vista dear all, this is me Vijay aka your MathMan signing off, stay safe and blessed wherever you are.